In 2016, together with my husband, I took over the family house of my deceased grandmother. The house was home to numerous furniture and heirlooms of three generations of my family including the 70 year old turtle. This led us to the idea of realizing a shared dream to build a B & B. After careful renovation of the house and support of family and friends, the guesthouse Cydonia was born. In the course of the realization, treasures in and around the house came to light, which now make up the charm of the B & B Cydonia. 

The name Cydonia was given to the guest house from the Latin name Cydonia oblonga, quince, referring to the old quince tree that stands in the backyard garden and which is still rich in wonderful golden yellow fragrant fruits. 

At this point I would like to express once again a huge thank you to all the people who supported us, and in particular to my family, who made this possible for us.

Sibylle bei der Renovation